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Team Sports Camp started in June of 2006. Coach Clymer saw a need for a neighborhood based summer sports program to keep his students and track runners active and out of doors during the summer.  That first summer, 24 kids enrolled in the camp and had a blast.  That got the ball rolling, and this summer we're proud to celebrate our sixteenth year of offering Team Sports Summer Camps.  At this point, nearly all of our assistant coaches are former members of Sports Camp and they all feel a true connection and passion for our mode of service.  


DC Speed Team Sports Camp is a sports action camp that seeks to develop athleticism, confidence and a love for sports competition among young students.  To accomplish this, we have carefully built a repertoire of team sports and games that are exhilerating and use fundamental sports skills that all athletes can succeed at.  At DC Speed, we believe that it is an age-old right of passage for youngsters to experience the joy and satisfaction of being part of a team and to discover the full potential of their youthful physical abilities. It is our goal to cultivate a life-long passion for physical activity and recreational sports.  



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